Planning and finding the right food for the right occasions can be hard. At Caterfood, our aim is to make it enjoyable and easy to feed your team meetings, corporate functions, birthday parties and more!

From local delights to high end confections, we are a platform where you can order delivery and pickup from over 200 restaurants, bakeries and caterers in Malaysia.

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How does Caterfood work?

Caterfood Mission

Unlike a slew of services offering on-demand food delivery while charging the merchants an exorbitant rate on each order, Caterfood’s aim is to create a sustainable economy for the online food orders industry.

We believe that consumers deserve the convenience of good food, and F&B outlets should make enough from each order so that they can provide such a service in the long term.

We’re here to make online food orders easy and to share with you the wonderful food offered by the F&B outlets.

So start ordering now!